Beautiful ladies dresses on a catwalk

Have you ever seen a beautiful ladies dresses on a catwalk or in a great fashion magazine that you can not afford? Or maybe you dream of a beautiful dress that you can not find? Here are some simple tips for making your own dress, as well as links to specialized articles detailing various tips and techniques for making a dress.

Choose your fabric. Any fabric can be used to make a dress, but if it’s the first time you’ve made one, try using an easy-to-work natural fiber fabric or a cotton blend. Look for a pretty fabric that matches the color, pattern and material you want. It is difficult to sew silk or thick fabrics without a little practice. In addition, choose a fabric that is thick enough to avoid the need for two layers or lining. You will need about 2 to 3 meters of total fabric depending on your size and length of the dress.

Try to use a T-shirt that is too wide as a base for your dress. You can find them in thrift stores or even at the bottom of your closet.

Be inventive in choosing your fabric and try to use a sheet or curtain as fabric for your beautiful ladies dresses. You can make thrift stores to find vintage fabrics if you do not have what suits you at home.

Wash the fabric. To remove wrinkles and stains and to already shrink the fabric before sewing, it is important to wash it. After washing and drying, iron the fabric so that it is ready to be sewn.

Choose a boss. Dresses are one of the most complicated clothes to start with but are easier to make using a pattern. Patterns give specific measurements and shape to cut different parts of your dress. These patterns are available for free or for a small fee online or in fabric/design stores. Choose a pattern that matches the style and shape you want, in the right size.

Make a fake boss. If you do not want to use a special pattern for a dress, you can use a dress that you already have as a pattern. Find a dress that you like and that fits you well and use the outline to make your boss. Your new dress will be in the same style as the one you outlined to draw the pattern.

Take your measurements. If you are using a beautiful ladies dresses pattern, follow the guide to take your measurements with a tape measure. To create a dress using another dress as a template, fold it in half lengthwise. Place it on your fabric (also folded in length) and trace the outer outline. You can change the length of your dress, whether using a pattern or your own measurements, by measuring the distance between your hips and where you want the dress to finish. Think about making the change of length on your fabric.

Cut the fabric. Lay your fabric flat (or folded in half if the guide asks you to do it) and place your pattern on it. Follow the lines you have drawn and the guide to cut the shapes that fit into your fabric. If you take a dress as a pattern, use the outline of half of the beautiful ladies dresses, which you draw after folding the dress, following the folded edge. Cut along this line and unfold the fabric to have an entire face of your dress.

Leave an extra centimeter of fabric on the edges for sewing. Most bosses already take into account this surplus of fabric in their measurements, but you must keep this in mind if you draw a pattern from one of your dresses.

If you want to add sleeves to your dress, they will need to be cut from pieces of fabric separate from the main piece of the dress. Sew roughly the main part of your dress, where you will add the sleeves later.

Also be sure to cut the fabric for the back of your beautiful ladies dresses at this point, using the same method as for cutting the front.


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