Marketing is anything and everything when it comes to hosting an event on a large scale. You want the word to be out, and the name of your event to be everywhere. This sort of social penetration requires more than just social media marketing. If you want your digital marketing conference brand to have a widespread name, you need to put in an extra amount of effort in the marketing. There are some tips we came up with to help you make this easier.


  1. Knowing your attendees

You are probably intending to bring in professionals, but you need to decide on which ones. For example, for a digital marketing conference that is aimed at the video gaming industry, you might have to lean towards a younger audience than, say, some investment bankers. Demographics is going to impact the marketing strategies. So the millennial audience is more likely to be on Facebook and Instagram rather than LinkedIn.


  1. Have a strong social media network

It is a fact that more than 30% of the traffic on registration pages comes from social media pages. People look to their social media accounts to find out about what the hottest upcoming event is, and decide if they want to go or not. Your promotion strategy must be consistent across all social media platforms because that will be impactful on your overall conference marketing. You can use tools like Buffer that will help with setting you up with more strategic campaigns so you can post the best content with not that much effort.


  1. Emphasizing the visuals

Pictures and videos will be one of the most valuable types of content for you. You will be using it over every marketing platform that you choose to use. It is worth investing in a professional photographer to cover the event so you can re-use the content all year round.


  1. Minimal barriers to registration

It has been proven by multiple studies, that people usually tend to give up registration if they have to go through multiple steps. You need to make it as easy as possible for your attendee to register and then attend your event.

There are a number of ways to promote your event. These strategic tips and tricks should help you make the most of your time and investment spent on hosting the event so you get the most amount of registrations every year.

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