Link Pyramid


What is link pyramid? Link pyramid is basically a structured form of link with several tiers, with most backlinks in the bottom tier and least backlink in the highest. It basically comprises of three levels:

  • Base links,
  • Mid-range links and
  • Highest quality links.

Basic link:

It is one of the most important parts in link pyramid. It carrying special important in the search engines eye. The more they are, the better.

Mid-Grade links:

This tier requires a fair number of backlinks. Google algorithm sees this tier as being more individually valuable as compare to base tier.

Highest-Quality link:

This is one of optional tiers in the pyramid Hierarchy. It’s not a compulsory component, but if achieving higher rank is the goal, then this is the way to go. This tier adds unique selling point (USP) to the site. It gives authority to your site in search engines eye, which eventually results in a better result.

Link pyramid is also profitable for business and enhances the value if, made naturally to standout.

Following are some of the benefits:

  • Productive for Google ranking,
  • Proficient for launching new sites,
  • Contains no harm,
  • Increases indexing speed,
  • Diverseness of links increases websites authority,
  • Improves rank,
  • Increase value of the product,
  • One of the most effective strategies today for creating awareness and image in customers mind.

Some of the characteristics that search engines looks for in every link you provide are:


If we are getting backlinks from a specific website again and again, this can make search engine suspicious. When placing the links we should keep in mind the diversity of the website and should be vary of the any footprint.


The author should use different words and synonyms if same keyword redirects to the same page again and again. This way search engine will not be able to recognize any unnatural behavior.


Creating websites and letting users know should be a slow process, and not a sudden or all at once. If a website go viral from having no links to thousands links in a span of one week, search engines might penalize your website because of unnatural linking pattern. So to make your websites grow stronger, you should be building link pyramid slowly and steadily.

It’s essential for link pyramid to look natural to Google. So, if you think this doing this all is a fuss and may require quite a lot of time, then leave it to us. We have a group of professional expert in such services, known to provide guaranteed results. We assure to provide you with top quality links and use the best practices. Because customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.


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