Vantel Pearls Consultants

The starter kist is $199 (plus tax and $20 transport). This consists of 5-6 portions of jewelry, three jewelry displays, catalogs, invoices, mailable submit card invitations for home parties, specifications, a pearl sizer, appraisal sheet, 35 oysters, and lots extra! The whole kit is worth $750! This also includes a one-time oyster deposit charge of $100. This deposit is safety for Vantel pearls Consultant as there may be a TON of “cash” inside the one’s oysters. If at any time you decide to stop promoting with Vantel you could go back your oysters for as much as $a hundred back. This will depend on the best and quantity of your oysters. It is essential to hold song of your oyster depend on making sure it matches the company’s rely.

There is a demand to sell $250 in keeping with a month in a product to stay “lively” and acquire commissions. This may additionally appear to be a hard purpose, but it is very attainable if you host at least two parties a month. Hosts do now not receive any loose items until they reach $250, so that host goal allows us to attain ours.

You get an internet site, and again office gets right of entry to free for the first three months and then 12.95 in keeping with month after that. Paper invoices cost $20 for 100 (most effective vital for in-home events), additional oysters are $14 plus tax for 50 (to cowl transport), and that includes pearl envelopes. Catalogs are $ forty-nine for 60 or $ sixty-nine for one hundred (plus tax and shipping).

Some hostess objects are paid for using the consultant, however, are a nominal rate. The free black pearl necklace while a number reaches ten orders is $five, the reserving certificate is $5, and the pearl strand for three bookings from a party is $15. Rarely are all objects used on a party. It is deducted out of your fee while this is paid out.

You earn 25% commission starting out of your first sale, and it is going to the catalog price. (I made $236 from my first birthday celebration!) Once you begin to expand a down line/crew, you will start to earn more income as their income is available. We are paid weekly based on when your birthday party is obtained and “posted” in the home workplace. Anything gained by using Thursday (pleasant to be in through Wednesday) might be paid the subsequent week.

We have weekly schooling with our National Sales Director, and I’m to be had to teach day by day except I’m away. We also have a formidable up line leader who has a group Facebook web page with tons of education.

My component is like I informed the rep within the message I sent, I love the concept of human beings being interested in pearls, and this business enterprise has glaringly created a variety of interest very quickly. What I am not a fan of is customers being deceived and then being turned off pearls while they arrive at PG to invite approximately the gems they get from locations like this and are bowled over while we tell them they are not natural colors after they’ve been explicitly instructed they have been. It can make people no longer need to buy pearls once more.

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